SHS-SOLAR FeedIN Solutions


Take control over your Electricity Bill...

In Portugal you can now FeedIN to your own grid with up to 6 panels without registration !!
SHS-SOLAR offers lowcost Solar systems with fantastic Returns of 5 years only !!

Our Concept:
  • Quick Installation just a few hours you are saving money
  • Easy Feeding in ....simple connection to an outside socket or fuse board
  • Small Investment ....available now for any budget
  • Great Returns ....5 years only !
  • Saving Money ....up to 690 per year = 10.000 in 15 years
  • FREE Energy for everybody...

    SHS-Solar 6PACK
    SHS-Solar 4PACK
    SHS-Solar 3PACK

    Take control over your Electricity Bill...

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